Q - I don't know the size of the sunglasses?

A - You can found it on our product description and details


Q - Do they have different types of lenses?

A - Yes, so you can send us an email to info@fora.pt to know more about that. 


Q - How much is the shipping cost and how long does it take?

A - After the order is made we will send you the receipt with all the information you need. To look after the shipping cost please check our SHIPPING page. 


Q - Will a certain product get back in stock?

A - Restocks are always circumstantial, and there are no guarantees that we are able to restock on seasonal items.


Q - Why doesn’t my credit card work?

A - We take most of the major cards out there today, but as a safety precaution for both customer and store it is only possible to purchase with a credit card issued in the same country as the order is placed from. If a problem is encountered we offer the option to pay by Bank transfer money.